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Lane Keeping Assist Control Function

The system assists the driver by sending instructions to the steering system to keep the vehicle within the lane, utilizing information from the camera installed in the car. It helps to maintain lane position on expressways, particularly those with numerous corners, as well as on the Metropolitan Expressway.

1. Lane Departure Warning

When the vehicle is about to deviate from its lane, the steering wheel vibrates to alert the driver.

2. Lane Keep Assist

If the driver does not make corrective steering inputs, the system automatically steers the vehicle back within the lane.

Driving Assistance Function in Traffic Jams

When speed decreases due to traffic congestion, the system automatically reduces speed and steers the vehicle to follow in front to prevent collisions. It provides assistance based on the driver's intention. If the driver prefers manual control, the system does not interfere with steering operations, allowing the driver to switch to manual mode effortlessly.

Parking Assist Function

The system automatically assists the driver in steering wheel operation, making parking convenient, especially for those who have difficulty parking.