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NSK Steering & Control, Inc. was established in 2023, inheriting the steering products business from NSK. NSK began producing steering products for trucks in 1959 and EPASTM(Electric Power Assist Steering) for light vehicles in 1988, expanding its business to customers worldwide.
Our company develops steering products, including mechanical parts, electrical and electronic components (ECUs, motors, sensors), and software. We prioritize manufacturing products with high quality and reliability, and that meet or exceed safety standards necessary for steering systems.
In the future of the automobile industry, particularly in terms of mobility, we aim to achieve safe and seamless driving experiences through "Steering & Control," as our company name implies. We are committed to significantly addressing existing challenges in road traffic society.
We recognize the immense social responsibility associated with our product manufacturing. Our core values revolve around safety, quality, compliance, and environmental consciousness. We continuously strive to accurately understand the needs of our customers and society, while innovating and introducing new products to the market.
We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation.

NSK Steering & Control, Inc.
Otake, Narihito